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Darwin Classic Cars {excellent customer service in an authentic classic vehicle}

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We are pleased to introduce you to Darwin Cars who are exhibiting with us next month in Birmingham.

What a beauty their Daimler is. Effortlessly vintage chic.

Darwin Classic Cars is a partnership of three family members and a friend, it was James Pearson-Jenkins who initially proposed the concept of a wedding car company based upon the vintage style.

James says ‘When we set the company up, we did not initially focus on the car and instead considered what a Bride and Groom would want on the most exciting day of their lives.  Our concept takes an holistic approach, putting the couple at the centre of the service.  Our philosophy is simple, excellent customer service in an authentic classic vehicle.  Many wedding car companies are using modern versions of ‘vintage’ looking vehicles, often based on modern vehicles, these are not authentic and this shows.  Although our vehicle is very loved and cherished, for us, the car is not the star, the bride and groom are: but the car frames them very well on the day and looks amazing in wedding photographs.’

They currently have one classic vehicle and another in planned restoration.  They are also respectfully continually maintaining our current Daimler to ensure safety, reliability and authenticity, a good example of this was the replacement of the interior headlining, completed by a classic car specialist from Jaguar.

James and his partners look forward to chauffeuring may couples in style to and from their wedding venues in the near future. We cannot recommend enough ♥

Darwin Classic Cars 01952 255330 or 07970 230112


All photos courtesy of Egner Photography


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