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Wedding Post Boxes of Distinction

It happens quite often in the wedding industry when someone looks for something in particular for their wedding, they can’t find it so they make it and voila! A business is born.   Wedding Post Boxes of Distinction was founded for this reason and we’re delighted that they are exhibiting with us this Autumn.

Why did you start making your post boxes?

We didn’t know what wedding post boxes were until our daughter got married and asked
if I would make one for her and her fiancé. As I’ve spent a lifetime making things that
was no surprise, but I did have to ask what they were.
Having cleared that up I set about designing a box, as we’d heard stories about cardboard
post boxes being stolen at wedding receptions and knowing that they can contain a large
sum in money and gift vouchers I decided it had to be solidly built and lockable.
Being a big fan of all things Victorian I based the design on the original “Penfold” pillar
box, called after its designer, not Danger Mouse’s sidekick, but you see the connection.
Keeping the proportions right meant it did end up nearly 3 feet tall, but try sneaking that
out under your arm!
As I said I’ve spent a lifetime making things but I think the post box got more attention
then anything else I ever made. At the wedding reception I had to keep telling people
how I’d made it. It was still remembered and asked about months after the wedding
which leads us to where we are now.

promo photo cutout 1 promo photo red gold

Tell us about the different styles available
At the moment we have two basic designs, the Victorian and a smaller square design
which is based on the first London post box in 1855. This one doesn’t have a small door
on the back, the front opens and it comes with a shelf so that you can use it for storage
after the wedding.
You can get the post boxes in a range of colours, plain red naturally then with gold or
silver trim and in white or green again with or without trim. We can provide other colour
What’s the most popular colour and design?
So far I think the Victorian design in white and gold is most popular, just ahead of the red
and gold.