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Save The Date {Vintage Chic Wedding Fair Spring 2013}

Welcome to 2013 and to those of you who are newly engaged- huge congratulations from us at Vintage Chic Wedding Fair!!

Christmas and New Year is a traditional time for couples to announce their engagement. It’s such an exciting time of the year and a special time to share this wonderful news with friends and family.

It’s always interesting to hear how people become engaged and these days some go to extraordinary lengths to make it unique and memorable and oh so romantic.

After the announcement, comes the big P word. PLANNING. Where to start?  Where to find the ideas, inspiration and themes and the expertise to put them in place.

The internet is a great place to start your wedding planning  and there are some amazing Bridal magazines too. However, wedding fairs are a place to experience things. All of your ideas take on a different dimension once you can see them, touch them and feel them. We’ve used these terms before but in all fairness they’re still valid.

We truely believe that planning a wedding is a momentous and happy time in a couple’s journey towards being married but we appreciate that the planning part can be a tad overwhelming at times.

Our aim is to bring together a selection of suppliers who define vintage with a modern twist. So what does that mean exactly? In a nut shell our fairs are for Brides who are looking to incorporate details of a certain vintage era into their wedding day theme. For a few years now, vintage weddings have become more and more popular but that doesn’t mean to say that they are all the same. Each vintage era be it 1930’s – 1970’s all comes under the vintage umbrella. Yet a ’30’s wedding and ’70’s wedding couldn’t be more different for obvious reasons!

Our next fair on 14th April is at a new venue and we are so excited to be hosting our Spring fair at the stunning Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham. Situated at the iconic Mailbox, The Malmaison has a touch of vintage inspired glamour about it.

The venue actually holds some wonderful personal memories for us as we stayed there as a group of hens for Cathy, the founder of Vintage Chic Wedding Fair’s hen night in Birmingham back in 2007. I can still remember the hangover which was made a little easier waking up in such a comfortable and stylish  bedroom.

So, what can you expect to see? With a pinch of glamour and a large dose of style, our exhibitors are handpicked to provide Brides with varied, high quality vintage inspired suppliers. This is a great opportunity to see their work and meet the people behind it as part of your important wedding planning and preparations.

Simon Partridge our signature entertainer will again be doing what he does best by singing some fabulous swing jazz which really does create the best atmosphere.

We’ll be bringing you some more information about the event and the exhibitors soon and in the meantime, save the date in your diary! xx

Malmaison reception stairs High Res




Timeless & Classic Vintage Eras

So there’s been some talk and twittering recently about vintage and whether it’s had its day. No, no, no we say! Trends and fashion will come and go….. and always come back again. It’s just the way it goes which is why vintage is fantastic inspiration for couples.

It’s fair to say that vintage inspired weddings have become extremely popular over the last few years with vintage china, birdcage veils and bunting featuring in many.

Vintage style is easily described as timeless and glamorous which is why it’s so popular as a ‘theme’ to draw inspiration from. It also covers many eras with each one having it’s own very different style.

A Quick Journey Through The Eras

The 20’s saw the rise of flapper dresses, cloche hats and wreath style headpieces. Grooms wore dapper pin stripe doublebreasted suits topped with a fedora hat. Bouquets were large and elaborate and art deco was the design of the day.

Move on to the 30’s and dresses became shorter and birdcage veils made an appearance.

Wartime weddings in the 40’s were understandably understated due to rationed resources. Make do and mend was the order of the day and 2 piece bridal suits were often seen.

1950’s sees pin up style with gorgeous prom style dresses. Think teddy boys and the rise of rock and roll.

There’s so much inspiration that you can draw from vintage eras so we’ll be breaking it down through the decades, going into each era in more detail for you.

We’d also love to know your thoughts on vintage weddings.


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Congratulations on your engagement!

Christmas and New year always sees lots of couples getting engaged. However you were proposed to, congratulations on your engagement! Such an exciting time for you both. Sooooooooo many plans to start making!!

Fortunately these days there are great resources to be found to assist you in putting together your magical day. The internet and wedding blogs being perhaps the most used ;- )

Planning a wedding can be a mammouth task and even those deciding on a long engagement will find them getting slightly stressed at times.  There’s a venue, ceremony, frocks, crocks, underwear, overwear, cars, cakes, invites, rings, wedding list, accessories, presents, honeymoon, hen do, photographer, videographer……….and more!

One of the ways you can pass over some of this stress is to recruit a wedding planner. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and creative, they can help you plan your day and even be there on the day to ensure it runs like clockwork. The amount of time and effort you will save may be VERY worthwhile! Louise from Veils and Vows has exhibited with us before and would be pleased to guide you in the right direction .

If you’re planning yourself then a wedding planner book may be of help. has some lovely wedding planning books to buy online.

When you’ve had a chance to think about some themes or colours then you may like to visit a wedding fair to meet some potential suppliers. Often they give discounts if you book on the day (a top tip!) Our next fair is on the 22nd April 2012 at 11.30am at The centennial Centre in Birmingham. We’ll shortly be releasing tickets and we’re planning a giveaway on facebook so be sure to check out our page!

Here you’ll find 50 vintage inspired wedding suppliers to get you more than started!

So, what is ‘Vintage Chic?’  For a few years now vintage weddings have become more popular. That’s not to say they are now run of the mill. Oh no siree far from it! Vintage covers any era from say 1920’s – 1970’s. You may want to incorporate an era as part of your wedding in a subtle way for instance a vintage inspired lace wedding dress complete with a birdcage veil instead of a long flowing one. Your cake may have some lace icing piped on it. You may go for using vintage china and cake stands on your wedding breakfast tables instead of white plain china and decorate your venue with bunting. So if vintage is your thing then save the date and come and see us.

So Happy New Year to you and all the very best with your wedding plans. |If you need any help at all then do get in touch! ♥