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Vintage Chic Down Under

It’s come around so quickly! In just 10 days time, I’m moving to Adelaide with my Husband and Daughter. Anyone who knows me will realise that this move has been in the background for almost 4 years so we’re excited that it’s finally about to happen.

We will of course miss lots of people mostly of course founder of Vintage Chic Wedding Fair and my dear Sister Cathy, John and their 2 beautiful children. SKYPE will be our new best friend for some time!

Moving forward, we will still be doing 2 shows a year, Spring and Autumn in Birmingham and as most of our admin is e mail based then I can and still will be very much be involved.

Once we’re settled, I’m really looking forward to getting to know some vintage inspired wedding vendors from Australia and look forward to blogging about them too. ┬áThe Aussie’s have it nailed too when it comes to innovative design and I’ve already come across some stunning wedding photographers.

Who knows, I may even organise a Vintage Chic Wedding Fair in Adelaide! Wouldn’t be the same without our Simon Partridge though. Simon fancy popping over to Adelaide??