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Introducing the Something Borrowed Boutique {who love to spread vintage chic love}

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Tori and Carly have been friends for nearly 20 years, meeting on the first day of secondary school and making a beeline for each other! Recently they founded The Something Borrowed Boutique and we’re thrilled that they are exhibiting with us on April 14th 2013 at The Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham.

So how did this gorgeous business start out?  We asked the girls Tori and Carly ….

Tori: Knowing each other such a long time means we know each other inside out. Carly was my Chief Bridesmaid and I’m so glad she was there in the morning when we were getting ready. She may not realise, but there was a point when the tears were close – I couldn’t put my earrings in! But she came upstairs at just the right time and sorted it. It may sound small (and make me seem like a nut-case) but its one of the special memories that I have from my wedding day. Plus she made sure I was dressed up as ‘Oops i did it again Britney’ rather than ‘Bald Britney’ on my hen party 🙂 x 

Carly:Tori keeps my head screwed on! I want everything to happen now whilst Tori makes sure that I take account of all the ‘boring’ bits, accounts etc! We are great friends with a determination to make weddings beautiful and common trait. 


The Story:

We both got married  last year and when planning we found it hard to design a day that looked as good as the magazines. We both wanted people to discover quirky, funny, pretty things throughout the day, rather than feel that they could be at absolutely anyone’s wedding. 

We set about designing our own things and whilst busily planning our own big days, decided we would also turn it into a business helping other people. 

Its so rewarding knowing how much our friends and family want to help us move our venture forward. Carly’s dad is a welder by trade and helped us design our amazing trees which we then set about buying tons of crystals for! 

A good friend helped us with our photo booth design, turning our idea into a reality. People have such fun with this at weddings and it stops your big day being to ‘stuffy’ and traditional. We cringe at gawdy weddings – the most modest of venues can be transformed with the right decoration. ALL weddings should look beautiful. 

We have lots more plans over the coming months – a vintage bike as a prop or to serve treats! 

Eric is our vintage car, a Rover 1963. Carly’s grandad had left it in an old lock up when he passed away. Some 12 years later we rescued and restored it. He has imperfections but is a true beauty.  

We just want to spread the love!! 


Come and see The Something Borrowed Boutique on 14th April 2013 at The Malmaison Hotel Birmingham. Purchase your tickets here.

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