Vintage Chic Wedding Fair

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The Wedding Parlour

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We are always overwhelmed at the amount of talent that lies within the wedding industry. More than ever before are people realising their talents and starting small businesses to fulfill the growing need for unique and quality wedding accessories.

One of our new exhibitors The Wedding Parlour is exactly that. Founder and designer Shirley has been successfully designing and making accessories for a long time but a few years ago, spurred by her daughter getting married and not being able to find anything she liked, she created a vintage inspired headpiece to compliment her Daughters dress.

So many people loved it that the idea to create The Wedding Parlour was born!

Shirley is inspired by a variety of different sources and she spends alot of time finding the right fabric, beads and lace. Everything she makes is hand produced with love, with inspiration influenced by Hollywood glamour and art deco styling.

Shirley has a brand new collection to showcase at our next fair and we cannot wait to see her creations! here are some previous designs for an idea of the type of stunning designs you can expect from The Wedding Parlour.


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