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Vintage is all around us

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There are some who say that vintage is on the way out. Over done. Falling out of fashion. It’s true to say that vintage inspiration has become more popular over the last 5 years and not just in the wedding industry. It’s filtered into our day to do lives in so many ways with marketeers even getting in on the vintage vibe (just take a look at all the ads on the TV and on packaging)

The term vintage it seems is applied to just about anything pre 1990 and is a broad term for inspiration that covers so many decades and eras.

You don’t have to look very far though to realise that vintage is all around us. It’s not a new fad of fashion at all as it’s always been here – and always will be.

One of the eras we love the best is the 20’s. Art deco and all that jazz. Soft curves and lines with distinctive typography that just oooozes glamour and sophistication. Just this week I was walking my little girl to school and noticed so much art deco around so I quickly captured it to make the point that vintage has always been in fashion.

Viva forever Vintage. We love you ♥




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