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Yvonne Lishman Photography | Beautiful, Fun, Original Imagery Unique To You

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We’re sure we’ve mentioned it before but it’ll do no harm to say it again. Wedding photographers are not all the same. Fact.

For a couple organising their wedding it would be all too easy to try and find the cheapest or the one that has been recommended by a friend of a friend. After all, you just want some lovely images of your big day to look back on right?  In our opinion, you can’t be blasé about who photographs your wedding. They’re an investment!

The market is pretty saturated right  now with wedding photographers and they vary very, very much. Their shooting style, editing style, prices and packages and perhaps the biggest of all- their personality.

Being photographed for a whole day can be a daunting thought and there are many people out there who are camera shy. If this is you then you need a photographer who takes this on board with an ability to quickly put you at your ease.

Meet Yvonne Lishman. Yvonne exhibited with us last year at Stancliffe Hall Matlock and we were wowed not only by the quality of her work but also her lovely personality.

Release your inner rockstar…!

Catching up with Yvonne she told us …

“Over the years so many clients have told me that they aren’t photogenic or that they hate having their photograph taken that I’ve lost count. They aren’t convinced either when I tell them that an experienced photographer who they have an affinity with and whose style of photograph they like will be able to get the best out of them.

When Amy and Harry booked me for their wedding in August 2011 Amy was no exception. After their pre-wedding portrait session Amy still didn’t like herself in the photographs and she assured me it was nothing to do with my photography.  Amy genuinely isn’t aware of how beautiful she is and of course this makes her a perfect subject for photography because her lack of pretension and sweetness shine through. After their wedding even though I knew Anneka, my friend and second shooter, and I had taken lovely images of Amy and Harry I half expected, and was worried to be honest, that Amy wouldn’t like many of the pictures of herself but only three were removed from the gallery and two of those were of Harry!

I was really pleased but then doubly pleased when Amy readily agreed to a model shoot with me, and my photographer friends Anneka James and Chris Ensell. Plus I knew she would look perfect in any of the dresses made by my newest buddies Astra and Rachel at Timeless Couture. The results were stunning and proof if it were needed to those who say they aren’t photogenic or hate having their photographs taken that with a photographer who knows what their doing, who’s creative and who feels like your friend you’ll will find your inner rock star.

Considering Amy isn’t a professional model, it’s clear to see that Yvonne has done a great job in creating these stunning images.

So with no further ado, here ‘s a selection of  beautiful images from the shoot. ♥

Photography – Yvonne Lishman Photography

Handmade dresses – Timeless Couture

Hair – Summers at Eleven Boutique Salons

Suitcases  – Darby and Joan

Car – Bold Beetle Hire


One thought on “Yvonne Lishman Photography | Beautiful, Fun, Original Imagery Unique To You

  1. Great photos and a lovely photographer (I was at the Stancliffe Hall fair too and Yvonne was delightful!).

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