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I Am Staggered at Vintage Chic Wedding Fair

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The great thing about wedding industry is how it continues to evolve and continue to come up with inspiration to make your day the best it can be.

Traditionally the Groom has had fairly little involvement in the planning of nuptuals and although most would claim that they just want to turn up to the church in a whistle and flute to say ‘I do’, alot of Grooms secretly want a piece of the action!

Thinking practically, as a wedding day goes, Grooms, their best man and ushers have alot of important jobs to do so this is where I Am Staggered comes in rather handy.

What is I am staggered?

In a nutshell it’s a wedding blog dedicated to guys and covers all aspects of wedding planning from a blokes perspective. It’s their big day too you know!

From proposal planning, speech writing, how to look good on the day, stag do planning, honeymoon planning and their overall role on the day.This blog has it covered and more.

The best news ever is that I Am Staggered are coming to our next fair so there’s another reason to bring along your beau and his bestest man.

They are going to be holding a Grooms clinic to include:

  • Staggered speechwriting experts to answer any of your enquiries about putting together the speech
  • Staggered style expert to give you tips on looking your best with (plus a competition to win a suit!)
  • Staggered honeymoon expert 
  •  The Staggered Groom Guide available at an exclusive price!
So if you’re future Hubbie thinks weddings fairs don’t include them think again!!
Tickets to our show available online at  £5 each. Bring the boys!!  See you there….

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