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Coterie Photos

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are certain things you shouldn’t compromise on and that is your photographer. They will be with you for most of your big day so not only have they got to be up to scratch but you’ve got to get on with them!

Each photographer will have their own distinct style in the way that they shoot, edit and present their finished product to you and it’s fair to expect that you’ll want to look back fondly on these special images for decades to come.

We’ve got to know alot of different wedding photographers and it is very true to say that they are all very different.

We are very pleased to introduce to you Coterie Photos who is our latest directory listing. Coterie Photos was created by Rebecca Willis (aka Bex) who studied photography at university and began her business back in 2007.

She specialises in wedding, portrait, engagement, and boudoir photography, but also captures bumps, babies and families too.

One of the first things you come to realise about this lovely lady is her friendly down to earth personality.  This comes through not only in the way that she deals with her clients and business associates but in also very much in her photography style too.

Bex says ‘I describe my style as spontaneous, joyful, dreamy, genuine and a little bit different, I love photography that makes you happy.’ These images portray this style perfectly.

Also important to note is that Coterie Photos provides  clients with a free engagement shoot so you’ll be confident that they are the right style for your wedding and get a set of stunning pre wedding photos to treasure forever! Also noted if that Coterie’s bridal package is also good value too:  )

So what’s in store for Coterie Photos?

‘In the future Iwould like to travel more, laugh lots, stay in love, use my crazy lomo cameras on jobs, get busier and busier, build the Coterie brand, have lots of fun and make lots of new friends along the way.’ says Bex. Sounds like a good plan to us!

So if you are looking for a relaxed, friendly spontaneous photographer for your wedding, take a look at Coterie Photos online. ♥


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