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1920’s {art deco and all that jazz}

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As promised we’re going to be looking into vintage decades and eras in more detail. So to start with the 1920’s………

The Jazz Age

The 1920’s was an extremely inspirational decade and often described as the roaring 20’s. With world war one out the way, fashion, culture and art flourished once again. Think The Charleston, Great Gatsby and flapper girls….

Women became so much more liberated as they were allowed to vote, drink and smoke in public  for the very  first time and this liberation filtered through to fashion which became much less restrictive.

Hemlines and hairstyles became shorter with bobs and marcel waves becoming the signature style of the decade.

And The Bride Wore

Long slimline dresses were extremely popular with some taking influence from flapper girls.  Silk was a commonly used material with dropped waists and intricate beading. Long string pearls and gloves complete the look.

This stunning 1920’s inspired gown is from Luxe Bridal – (photo courtesy of Dowling Photography)

Floral bouquets were large and extremely elaborate incorporating cala lilys and roses. Ostrich and peacock feathers were also popular as decoration in headpieces or table decorations.

This paper bouquet  by Paper Me Happy is a stunning modern take on 1920’s inspiration.

A modern paper bouquet with 20's influences by Paper Me happy. Photography courtesy of Theresa Furey Photography

Head gear

Cloche hats were hugely popular during the 20’s and for weddings, headpieces came in all shapes and sizes.

It was also around this time that birdcage veils began to make an appearance too. This is a stunning veil created by Sharper Millinery (photo courtesy of Emily Quinton Photography

Art Deco Style

Art deco is a great source of inspiration for your 1920’s wedding. Founded in Paris, it represents the glamour and elegance of the decade,  characterised by symmetrical lines and curves with inspiration taken from art nouveau. Here’s a lovely image of Simon Partridge who will be entertaining us once again at our next event. Loving his Art Deco logo!

Image courtesy of Theresa Furey Photography

Image courtesy of Theresa Furey Photography











Invites, Save The Dates and Thank You’s really set the scene for a themed wedding and bring it all together. 1920’s style is distinct with it’s use of particular fonts and unfussy style.

The stationery above is by Studio Seed and just the ticket for 20’s inspiration.

This stationery below is by Perched Bird .








Both perched Bird and Studio seed we are pleased to say are exhibiting with us April.

The 1920’s  era is set to become a big theme for up and coming weddings so come along to our next event in Birmingham on 22nd April to see some 20’s inspiration in all its glory ♥


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