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Reasons To Visit Wedding Fairs {updated!}


Trawling wedding blogs and banter recently, we were sad to come across some less than positive posts about wedding fairs.

Naturally it got us thinking and we very quickly perked up when we thought about our own fairs.

Planning a wedding takes months and months of planning and organising and sometimes it can become utterly exhausting. Our own weddings were around 5 years ago and the change in the wedding industry in that time is just phenomenal.  If anything there’s too much inspiration these days!! Don’t get us wrong here. Magazines, Facebook pages and blogs are great immediate source of inspiration that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home with a cuppa and jammie dodger.  However……..

Touch, feel, see, meet and hear.

The biggest advantage in attending a wedding fair is to be able to touch, feel, hear and see your potential suppliers work.

Try on that dress, taste some cake, see a photographers albums and books…… You can begin building a rapport with the people who you may go on to invest in to put your wedding plans into reality.  You can’t do that on line -fact.  It’s so true that people buy with their eyes but what’s on a computer screen may not be quite the same as the real deal!!

Photo courtesy of Theresa Fury Photography

 Discounts -grab a bargain!

Many exhibitors use a wedding fair to offer couples discounts if they book within a certain timescale. This is a serious advantage to attending a wedding fair – ker-ching!

Big or small

Ok so we’re biased but one thing we encourage our Brides to do is check out a fair’s exhibitor list first. Big fairs may offer a wide range of exhibitors but in our opinion a smaller boutique fair may offer you top quality exhibitors who are put off by the cost of exhibiting at massive shows.

Learn Something

We’re providing you with something a little bit different at our up and coming fair. Not only have we got the most fabulous selection of exhibitors but we’ve also got I Am Staggered providing Grooms with advice on speech writing, looking good and honeymoon planning.  Also we have Kris from Fusion Flowers doing some DIY demos for you to re create at home.

It’s fun!

We just love soaking up the atmosphere of our fairs. Meeting and greeting Brides, Grooms, their family and guests. Everyone is so happy!! Our mission is to provide Brides with top quality, independent vintage inspired wedding suppliers in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

We really enjoy putting together our fairs and put a great deal of time and effort into them. Most of all, they are for you the Bride and your plans for your wedding. 



6 thoughts on “Reasons To Visit Wedding Fairs {updated!}

  1. I love wedding fairs! I’m getting married in August, and before i brought my dress i had a good excuse to try loads of dresses on which is lots of fun (and you don’t want to take them off)! You really get a feel for what suits you when you can try them on, and see what if a style you like looks good or bad on you. Can’t do that online. Was lots of fun, plus seeing the different cakes etc in real life, was much better than looking on the computer. Everyone’s really friendly and helpful, you just can’t get that from buying online. Plus meeting people who you may buy from is good, as you know what sort of service your getting, and can also msg them about what you’ve ordered without worrying about being a pain! Will be making the most of the different fairs up till Aug, as i won’t really have a proper excuse to go afterwards!

  2. Having attended wedding fairs both as a bride to be and an exhibitor I think the answer is to chose your wedding fair carefully, have a look at the exhibitor list first to see if there will be anyone you feel might suit your requirements and check out their websites in advance if you can, that way you will be in an position to make an informed decision if you decide to make the most of any special offers and book on the day.

    Don’t be pushed into anything you are at all unsure of when parting with any monies and do ask if the supplier would be willing to offer you a couple of days cooling off period if you should change your mind.

    Have a good look at the suppliers stand and consider the time and effort that has gone into the display and the turn out of the supplier themselves, chances are the same amount of dedication and care will go into the service they are providing for your wedding.

    Personally I think that the smaller wedding fairs for which suppliers are carefully hand picked (such as Vintage Chic!) are far better than huge commercial ones, where the smaller and therefore arguably more caring suppliers, miss out due to the huge fees demanded for space.

    Vintage Teas & RSVPs

  3. “Touch, feel, see and meet…” And not forgetting “hear”! If you’re thinking about booking entertainment for your wedding, a fayre can be a great opportunity to listen to the artist performing live.

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