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Timeless & Classic Vintage Eras


So there’s been some talk and twittering recently about vintage and whether it’s had its day. No, no, no we say! Trends and fashion will come and go….. and always come back again. It’s just the way it goes which is why vintage is fantastic inspiration for couples.

It’s fair to say that vintage inspired weddings have become extremely popular over the last few years with vintage china, birdcage veils and bunting featuring in many.

Vintage style is easily described as timeless and glamorous which is why it’s so popular as a ‘theme’ to draw inspiration from. It also covers many eras with each one having it’s own very different style.

A Quick Journey Through The Eras

The 20’s saw the rise of flapper dresses, cloche hats and wreath style headpieces. Grooms wore dapper pin stripe doublebreasted suits topped with a fedora hat. Bouquets were large and elaborate and art deco was the design of the day.

Move on to the 30’s and dresses became shorter and birdcage veils made an appearance.

Wartime weddings in the 40’s were understandably understated due to rationed resources. Make do and mend was the order of the day and 2 piece bridal suits were often seen.

1950’s sees pin up style with gorgeous prom style dresses. Think teddy boys and the rise of rock and roll.

There’s so much inspiration that you can draw from vintage eras so we’ll be breaking it down through the decades, going into each era in more detail for you.

We’d also love to know your thoughts on vintage weddings.



2 thoughts on “Timeless & Classic Vintage Eras

  1. It doesn’t have to be about following a trend.

    People like to plan their wedding to reflect their lifestyle, many are influenced by the timeless design of furniture & accessories from another era – not to be fashionable or to buy in to the “vintage” thing, just because they love it.

    Vintage can mean a lot of things: masses of sparkling crystal vases & silverware for a sophisticated drinks party, complete with champagne saucers; a battered old suitcase filled with well-read hardback books & a teapot filled with flowers & chintzy bunting; a 1960’s inspired wedding bursting with colour, bright oranges & yellows, with the ladies finishing off their look with a structured handbag, gloves & pearls.

    Stunning china or glassware can be used to add a chic, personal elegance to any setting, not to create a theme. Pieces of furniture that have history and a story to tell can be priceless and it is these thoughtful touches that will add a touch of glamour, interest & your personality to your event & bring a talking point to any table, room or party.

    Modern vintage to me means a classic, elegant & timeless style.

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