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A Quiet Air of Distinction

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Ladies and Gentlemen…… please be upstanding for your toastmaster Alan Feeney!!!!!

We met Alan for the first time when he exhibited with us at our Birmingham fair last month. He looked mighty dashing in his Toastmaster gear and is so easy to get on with.

Talking to Alan about his services he said ‘You only get one chance to make an impression. With my services as a trained Toastmaster you can be assured that your wedding  will sparkle and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have a qualified event management professional at your service.’

He’s got a point. Many venues don’t provide the services of a professional Toastmaster and from experience, a head waiter clanging a fork against a glass to introduce the new married couple or announce the speeches just doesn’t quite cut it some how.

As a graduate of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters, Alan is trained to the highest possible standards, and will bring a splash of colour to the big day, a quiet air of distinction, and the reassurance to all of your guests that everyone and everything is in safe hands. He has 15 year’s event management experience, as well as being one of a very few who genuinely loves events!

You will spend months if not years planning the wedding, and you need to be free to enjoy it. Employing Alan for the day will ensure you can do just that!

For couples looking for a bespoke ceremony, Alan can also be employed as your celebrant to make your day completely unique to you.

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