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Introducing Darby and Joan

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Today we are delighted to introduce you to one of our previous exhibitors Darby & Joan Ltd. We first met Darby and Joan’s founder Karen at our Summer fair in Nottingham at East Bridgford Hill, where she presented a fabulous exhibitor stand displaying her fabulous collection of vintage china and accessories.

Darby & Joan are a Derbyshire based company, more than a little obsessed with vintage china…they have a huge collection of hire pieces & accessories and can also make gorgeous vintage candles for your wedding tables.  Modern vintage means a classic, timeless & elegant style, it doesn’t have to mean old fashioned which is what Vintage Chic is all about.

More and more brides these days are opting for a more relaxed wedding day, less formal than was expected in years gone by.  It gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style and to put on show all those ideas from your wedding day scrapbook that most brides start the day they get engaged (or quite possibly even before!)

You don’t have to embrace the vintage theme whole-heartedly, you can pick out elements to add special and memorable touches.  One of Darby and Joan’s Brides next year wants a chic, glamorous feel to her tables, so has chosen vintage champagne saucers and flutes, vintage silverware and sparkling cut glass candlesticks.  Vintage doesn’t have to mean a traditional flower pattern on a china tea cup…

Another bride they are working with next year has chosen to have peonies for her wedding flower and they’re making a hundred peony scented candles, poured into vintage glasses for her to use as wedding favours for her tables. Because they use natural wax, which is quite soft, they will give off a gentle scent without being lit.

They’re involved with three weddings next summer where the wedding party is taking place in a village hall or a marquee and the brides have very clear ideas of how they want their day to be.  One Bride has asked for a handful of friends to bring along home baked cakes which will be served for the pudding & she is making her own bunting to decorate the hall with, another has collected over a hundred jam jars which she plans to wrap in lace and fill them with tea lights and have these scattered around the barn.

One of the weddings they have been asked to be involved with next year is that of Kate Halfpenny.  She is originally from Derbyshire, and obviously given her profession, she is wildly creative and she has very clear ideas of how she wants her wedding to be. 

There are many, many companies across the country who offer vintage china to hire, and they were incredibly flattered that she choose them to work with her.

She loved their website and they put her in touch with a couple of previous clients who had lovely things to say about Darby and Joan  – they’ve spoken with Kate and her fiancée at length about the style they are wanting to achieve for the day  and she has chosen the vintage china & accessories that she wants to hire from us.  Kate is having 200+ guests for the wedding breakfast and we are providing all the table settings, serving bowls, tea & coffee pots, glassware, candles…the list goes on and on. …

They be there to set up and style the wedding tables and  cannot wait for the big day.  It really will be a day to remember for Karen!

Darby and Joan are listed on our directory and we’re sure (and hope!) they will be exhibiting with us again next year!


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